Telaga Waja River Rafting Bali

Telaga Waja River Rafting Bali

Besides Ayung river rafting, We Bali Quad Biking also provides a package of activities with Telaga Waja river rafting Bali. We want to provide a different package with affordable price. Because Bali has two famous rivers for rafting. One of them is Telaga Waja River. Combination of extreme sports and beautiful green scenery always makes you want to come more and more. Among the two Bali rafting spots, Telaga Waja River Rafting Bali is the most popular.

Where is the Telaga Waja River?

Sungai Telaga Waja is located in Rendang, Karangasem. You can find this location by using Google Map. If you live in Kuta, you can reach this place by car and it will take around 1.5 hours. If starting from Ubud you only need 45 minutes towards the east of Ubud.

What should be know about Rafting in Telaga Waja

Before you go for fun with Telaga Waja River Rafting Bali tour, you should know some important things about this river and rafting activities here. Why? This information will help you prepare yourself, physically and mentally. Besides that, you will also know what kind of fun you will find here.

The length of the Telaga Waja River

The first thing you should know is the length of Telaga Waja River Rafting Bali. You will not ride a raft for the entire Telaga Waja River. However, only a small part of this river will be your adventure route. And, you don’t need to worry. Even though we say it’s only a small part, you get an adventure as far as 16 kilometers that is ready to be conquered. The standard time to complete the route is around 2.5 hours. It was quite long and satisfying from our perspective.

Level of difficulty

White water rafting on the white river of Bali has several levels of difficulty. Basically, the Telaga Waja River rafting can be classified into quick class difficulties. This means that the level of difficulty from II to IV. The following is an explanation of each level:

  • Level II Difficulty – you don’t need too many maneuvers to go through the route with this difficulty. If you fall from the raft, chances are, you won’t get any injuries.
  • Difficulty level III – need good control and maneuverability because there are several heavy currents along the route with this difficulty. You have to be a good swimmer if you want to save yourself after falling into the river with this difficulty. If not, you need help from the rescue team.
  • Level IV difficulty – extreme which also requires fast maneuvering and control. And a team of experts and rescuers will be the only one who can save you from this area.

It seems Bali white water river rafting is really difficult. But, it’s actually fun. You can even invite the whole family and children to try this adventure.

The best way to get there

You can come by car with self drive or by motor bike, but you must know the way to get there. Maybe if you can access the internet you can use Google Maps. But sometimes it is not accurate because internet signl is not good.

In addition you can choose a tour company that can help you. For that reason, you can try They have complete services and packages that you can choose from according you need

And we have combined rafting on the Telaga Waja River with Bali ATV Quad Bike, where you can do this package in one day. It is suitable for those of you who do not have much time for a vacation in Bali.

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