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Bali Quad Biking – Best and Cheapest ATV Ride in Bali

ATV Ubud Waterfall – Best ATV Quad Bike in Ubud Bali

Bali Quad Biking is the best online booking for ATV Quad Bike in Bali. Provide the real nature track for ATV/Quad Bike. With professional team, Excellent review and affordable price. We have experience more than 8 years in tourism, knowed about whats you want to choose for nature adventure, special for quad biking.

After we try some ATV/Quad bike trek, Finally we provide real nature trek following, Jungle, waterfall, cave, playing in the mud, beaches trek or sunset trek on the beach.

Purchase ATV Quad Bike adventure with Bali Quad Biking, it’s very safe. You can cancel and change your booking one day before the date mention in your voucher. Bali quad biking is a trusted and official quad bike tour service provider company under the auspices of The Bali Package company. So all booking processes are safe.

Discover the side in Bali and the hidden beauty of the island of Bali in a different way. get the excitement of driving a powerful semi-automatic ATV 250 cc in the middle of the most amazing Balinese countryside. Bali ATV Tour Activities are daily trips, dry season or rain. Safe for beginner and professional one.

Best and Cheapest ATV Ride in Bali offer

1. ATV Quad Bike Tour ~ Single Ride

ATV tour with Single Ride, which is meant by Single Ride is a quad bike with one rider. A single trip will give you satisfaction without thinking about your passengers.

With this ATV Quad Bike Single Ride you can feel more free in exploring according to the skills you have. But for beginners, you don’t need to worry because we will provide guidance on riding a quad ATV and giving a test drive before going to the track.

2. Bali ATV Quad Biking Tour ~ Tandem Ride

Tandem Ride means one Quad Bike with one rider and one passenger (a total of 2 people in one quad bike). This is usually done in pairs or children under 10 years who will become passengers.

With Tandem Ride you don’t need to be disappointed because in the middle of your adventure journey, you can change positions. Passengers become riders or vice versa.

What do you need to bring?

  • Additional clothes, because on the last trip we invited you to join playing mud, it’ll make you have more fun after the jungle track.
  • Sun Cream, the weather in Bali lately is rather hot, sun cream is the best solution for your skin
  • Additional money, Quad Bike ride is rather tiring, so we provide cold drinks at the rest point, of course you have to spend a little money on your small expenses.

Best and Cheap ATV Ride in Bali, Offers

We are offers some places for Bali quad biking according the guest review and real nature trek they have. We have long, unique, challenging ATV tracks. Located far from the center of the crowd, with a beautiful rural Ubud atmosphere. Below are detail;

1. Balaji Adventure - Real Jungle ATV with 9km

Paket ATV dan Rafting di Bali – Murah Mulai 600rb All In

Balaji ATV Adventure offer great experience into the wild nature of Bali. Take you to an amazing experience riding on all-terrain vehicles (quad bike) with long and challenging track.

This place have longest atv track in Bali, we think only one in Bali. Ride ATV in Bali with real jungle along 9km. a combination of fun and thrilling activities in 2 hours of activities, will make your day more enjoyable. And of course the amazing things that will not be forgotten.

The track passing the valley, plantation, jungle, rivers, Bamboo forest, traditional village, hill and muddy track. It’s safe and suitable for beginner and professional.

The facilities provide on Balaji ATV Adventure are complete one, such us: welcome drink, all safety equipment, helmet, boots, shower room, towel, professional ATV guide, lunch and full insurance.

How much Balaji ATV Adventure

Publish RateIDR. 1.200K/ paxIDR. 1.600K/ 2 paxs
Special OffersIDR. 600K/ 2 paxIDR. 800K/ 2 paxs

Special Offers Rate

Only apply for online booking, limited availability

From Only IDR 600K/ pax

Limited for 4 bookings only!

2. Kuber Bali Adventure - ATV Waterfall and Tunnel

Tips Bali ATV Ride Ubud for Beginner

Kuber Quad Bike Adventure will make your day more impressive experience to try the Bali Quad Bike. Treat and test your courage and adrenaline in the four Quad bike adventure. Whist enjoying the panorama of the countryside of Bali. Accompanied by professional local guide, tour passed through rice paddy, villages, plantation, jungle, river, Waterfall and Cave.

The great thing is to ride an ATV in ancient Goa made in the Dutch colonial era. This Natural Cave was previously abandoned and spooky, before being taken by ATV Kuber Bali as part of the ATV Adventure trail. Moreover, you will feel like riding an ATV under a waterfall in the middle of a Jungle.

Price for Kuber Bali Adventure

Publish PriceIDR. 1.400K/ paxIDR.1.800K/2 paxs
Special OffersIDR. 750K/ paxIDR. 1.000K/ 2 paxs

Special Offers Rate

Only apply for online booking, limited availability

From Only IDR 750K/ pax

Limited for 4 bookings only!

3. Bali Quad Bike on the Beach

ATV Riding on The Beach Bali

Bali ATV Ride On The Beach by Ozzy Bali Adventure is different experience for Quad Biking in Bali. We invite you ride along countless miles of remote black sand beaches. Then up through scenic world heritage listed rice fields. Jungle tracks and down through traditional local villages then back onto the beach.

Along the way you will see temples built on the beach for local ceremonies. Amazing rock formations, river crossing’s, local fisherman, kids and families swimming and bathing in the rivers and lakes along the beach. Local farmers tending their rice fields and local produce.

How much Bali ATV on The Beach

Publish PriceIDR. 1.200K/ paxIDR. 1.600K/ 2 paxs
Special OffersIDR. 685K/ paxIDR. 985K/ 2 paxs

Special Offers Rate

Only apply for online booking, limited availability

From Only IDR 685K/ pax

Limited for 4 bookings only!

4. Sunset Beach ATV

Sunset Quad Biking Bali - ATVs on the Beach Bali

Sunset Quad Biking Bali – ATVs on the Bali Beach, enjoy panoramic views of the sunset in a different way. Ride a quad biking along the quiet Beach. With the waves crashing behind you and the beautiful panorama of the sunset.

It is a 60-minute drive from Ngurah Rai Airport. Away from tourist crowds in areas such as Kuta, Legian and Seminyak. With an amazing black sand beach at Yeh Gangga Beach, of course you will find a different side of Bali.

Witnessing spectacular and dramatic sunsets from the quad bikes offered by Bali. Sunset Quad Biking Bali – ATVs on the Beach Bali combines natural sensation and excitement from a quad biking adventure on a black sand beach.

Bali Sunset ATVs On The Beach Price

Publish PriceIDR. 1.200K/ paxIDR. 1.600K/ 2 paxs
Online PriceIDR. 685K/ pax
IDR. 985K/ 2 paxs

Special Offers Rate

Only apply for online booking, limited availability

From Only IDR 685K/ pax

Limited for 4 bookings only!

5. ATV Dadi Bali - Real Jungle ATV with Gorilla Satue

Dadi Bali ATV Adventure

ATV Dadi Bali Adventure is an ATV Jungle Ride in Ubud Bali. Located in the heart of Bali, Payangan Village. Dadi Bali Adventure provides the best off-road ATV Adventure experience.

Explore captivating nature walks that cover an impressive distance of 1 hour to 2 hours. Conquer challenges, enter jungle tracks, fun tracks, uphill and downhill terrain, tunnels, Gorilla Statues, rice fields, muddy tracks, long river tracks and pure jungle tracks.

Dadi ATV Bali promises unmatched service. Get your holiday experience in Bali truly unforgettable. Enjoy a refreshing welcome drink, a satisfying lunch and ensure your safety with the equipment provided.

Price of ATV Dadi Bali Adventure

For this time we still offers promo rate, so this is good choice for you looking cheap ATV in Bali. This price only for online Booking and payment.

Publish PriceIDR. 1.200K/ paxIDR 1.600K/ 2 paxs
Special OffersIDR. 600K/ paxIDR. 800K/ 2 paxs

Special Offers Rate

Only apply for online booking, limited availability

From Only IDR 600K/ pax

Limited for 4 bookings only!

6. Jambe Asri ATV - ATV Waterfall & Cave

Jambe ATV Adventure Bali - ATV Waterfall and Cave

Hello Quad Bike ATV adventure lovers, we have good news for those of you who want to try waterfall and tunnel atv in Bali. The name of our new atv is Jambe Asri ATV Bali Adventure. This is an answer for atv quad bike lovers who want to play atv without having to travel longer to the atv location.

Previously we only had one ATV Quad bike location ATV with waterfall and tunnel, which was located in the Bayad village, Payangan with the name Kuber Bali ATV. The location is 25 minutes from the center of Ubud towards Kintamani. But, now we have opened closer from Kuta Bali. The trail we have was the same as Kuber, namely natural waterfalls and tunnels.

Jambe ATV Bali Adventure also offers a fairly long ATV track with a duration of up to 2 hours. We are sure there will be satisfied with this adventure. With a uniqueness that you will not find in other locations, namely when entering a fairly long tunnel while riding your ATV quad bike.

Besides that, you will also be spoiled by the beautiful and green countryside with a wide expanse of rice fields. You will always find a variety of challenges that stimulate adrenaline, such as tracks in river areas, muddy and slippery land and valleys that you must conquer when trying to ride an ATV at Jambe ATV Adventure.

In this 2 hour adventure, you will pass through residential villages, rice fields, rivers, valleys, caves/tunnels, mud and waterfalls. In addition, to maintain comfort and safety in ATV adventures at Jambe Asri, we provide various supporting facilities for your convenience.

Price of Jambe ATV Adventure Bali

For this time we still offers promo rate, so this is good choice for you looking cheap ATV in Bali. This price only for online Booking and payment.

Publish PriceIDR. 1.200K/ paxIDR 1.600K/ 2 paxs
Special OffersIDR. 600K/ paxIDR. 800K/ 2 paxs

Special Offers Rate

Only apply for online booking, limited availability

From Only IDR 700K/ pax

Limited for 4 bookings only!

Tips Ride ATV Ubud for Beginners

Before you join this ATV activity, you need to know how to ride an ATV in Bali before you join it for your adventure is more fun. Below are some tips for Riding ATVs in Bali for beginners, let’s check!

1. Use Safety Equipment

Before this ATV Ride adventure you are required to use safety equipment such as helmets and boots. But you don’t need to bring it from home… All the equipment has been prepared by the ATV tour service provider in Bali. And this is included in the ATV Tour Package in Bali

This helmet is quite efficient in protecting our heads from impact when we fall on the ATV. While the boots will be able to protect your feet from the heat of the ATV engine.

2. Know the basic techniques of driving an ATV

The technique of riding an ATV is actually not much different from that of a motorcycle. The difference is only in the gas operation step and the gear shift between forward and reverse.

Gas operation on the ATV is done by pressing the button on the left handlebar. While the operation of gas on a motorcycle is on the handlebars in the right hand.

Knowing a little about the basics of ATV driving is very important. So that this ATV Bali Adventure adventure runs smoothly. But you don’t need to be afraid, because before you are invited to cross the ATV adventure route in Bali, you will be given instructions in advance how to ride the ATV.

3. Do not lower your feet while the ATV is running

When riding a motorcycle, it’s okay to lower your legs when you lose your balance. ATV Riding Routes Through the Forest But when riding an ATV, this is the most fatal thing, especially if the ATV Quad Bike you are driving is still in road condition. Because ATV tires can drag your feet.

Then how to maintain balance? To keep the ATV balanced, you can lean in the opposite direction to the tilted position of the ATV. For example, if the ATV is tilted to the right then you can lean slightly to the left or vice versa.

4. Do not play ATV under the influence of alcohol

If you are planning to do an ATV Ride Tour in Bali, do not consume any liquor or alcoholic beverages. Because, the influence of alcohol on us can make your concentration decrease while driving.

Lack of automatic concentration will make it difficult for you to control your ATV. Until, this can cause harm to ourselves.

5. Follow your ATV’s guide Instructions

Throughout the exploration, you will be accompanied by several experienced guides. For our safety, you should always follow the instructions for all the instructions they give you during this ATV tour.

Never try to do something reckless like driving your ATV at high speed. Regardless of the state of the track, as this is really a risk to your safety.

Info and Booking please Contact Us

FOR LAST MINUTE Booking, please send your request via WhatsApp/Viber: +62 81236194398

Office Hour: 08.00 AM – 17.00 PM

FAQ Bali Quad Biking

Even though Bali Quad Bike Adventure in Bali is safe and fun. But there are still many people who are hesitant to try it, especially for beginners or those who have no experience.

The ATV Quad bike seem steep and extreme like valleys and uneven dirt roads make them reluctant to imagine bad things that might happen during an adventure.

But you don’t need to worry because during the atv quad bike tour, you will be accompanied by professional and nimble ATV guides whenever there are things that are out of procedure. Make sure you follow the instructions and directions of our guides

This adventure is a little hard, because it’s the recommended age of at least five years until sixty-five years old.

The age to be able to self driving an ATV quad bike is 12 – 65 years old. If children under 12 years old can participate as passengers.

Minimun Age can join ATV Quad Bike 7 years old with tandem ride ( one bike with adult, seat in the back – be passanger )

Older than 65 years old still possible as long as they still active and have a middle until high level of physical health

Do you need a license for ATV Bali? frequently asked questions to us. The answer is that you do not need a license to ride ATV Quad Bike in Bali.

Because the atv quad bike has a special track and does not pass through public roads and general traffic. Our tracks are Jungle, valleys, villages, rice fields, rivers, villages and countryside of Bali.

How much does it cost to ride an ATV in Bali? The prices we offer online include a 50 to 54% discount from the walkin price. Prices start at 600,000 with fastility that will be obtained at a walkin price of 1,400,000.

And also the prices vary depending on the track you choose, such as Kuber ATV (atv waterfall & tunnel), Balaji ATV (atv 8km real jungle) and ATV on the Beach Bali.

Joining Bali Quad Biking for atv jungle and beach activities you will get complete facilities, from professional ATV guides, safety equipment, bath towels, showers and changing rooms, lockers, lunch and full insurance.

The Cheaper way to buy tickets for Bali Quad Bike Adventure is online. Because the price is much different than the price at the counter with the same services and activities.

Online Booking will also make it easier for you to choose the activity package you want, or choose add-ons according to your choice. This is easy because you will be able to see what packages there are and how much they cost.

We prioritize the trust of our customers and always prioritize honesty, your order will be processed safely 100% confirmed! If there are problems, you can contact customer service who is ready to serve requests or solutions 24 hours/7 days. ( +6281-236-194-398 )

Bali quad biking is an official company legality CV. Asta Sedana Bali Wisata. NIB. 0309220001892. Address : at Jl. Nuasa Utaman XIX A No. 2, Jimbaran, Kec. Kuta Sel., Badung Regency, Bali 80361

Please come to our office if there is no good solution while contacting customer service – Contact Person “Made Wira” (+62 81 217 205 656)

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