Bali ATV Tunnel and Waterfall

Bali ATV Tour with Tunnel and Waterfall

Bali ATV Tunnel and Waterfall is an atv quad bike track in Bali that is very popular today. ATV quad bike track that you won’t find at all cheap ATV providers in Bali. ATV adventure activity is a thrilling adventure by riding a 4 wheel bike in the wild in a remote area in Ubud Bali. This is the best choice of activity for those of you who like adventure and want to relieve stress with daily work activities.

An amazing experience through tunnels and natural waterfalls is the Bali ATV track that we have. Very different from all ATV Quad Bike activity providers throughout Bali.

Our Bali ATV Tunnel and Waterfall, has a fairly long track through the forest, a wide expanse of rice fields, a valley with a green panorama around it. Then you can find plantations with various plants on our ATV tunnel and waterfall track.

No less interesting is the natural waterfall on the river track. So here you can feel the fresh clean rural water. Take the time to feel the impact of the waterfall falling from the height of the cliff.

Bali ATV Tunnel and Waterfall Provider

We currently have 2 locations for Bali ATV Tunnel and waterfall. Among them are Kuber Bali ATV, which has been running since 2010 with a 7km main track located in the village of Bayad Peliatan, Ubud.

Then we also make a similar track in a location that is easily accessible and closer if you are from the Kuta area. Our ATV Tunnel and Waterfall this one is called Jambe Asri ATV. We started to open in 2016 before corona. For details, let’s check below.

1. Bali ATV Tunnel and Waterfall by Kuber Bali ATV Adventure

ATV Murah di Bali – Promo Mulai 275rb

Located in the village of bayad peliatan ubud, exactly 30 minutes from the center of ubud to kintamni. This is the first ATV Quad Bike provider in the region which is fully supported by the Bayad Village. Our Kuber Bali ATV has a 7km track with the most interesting points being the Tunnel and the waterfall.

Before finding a waterfall in the middle of the forest you have to pass several tracks first, starting from; resident villages, rice fields with green panoramas, valleys. Then tropical forests, plantations and mud. It is very challenging for you to try before arriving at the river track with high cliffs on the left and right. Push your ATV Quad Bike Accelerate for 50 meters until you meet our interesting point, the natural waterfall.

Create beautiful moments here with a splash of waterfalls and capture your unique and rare photos when you join this Bali ATV Tunnel and Waterfall. After you are done with our waterfall point, it’s time for you to pass our long tannel.

This is an old tunnel that was built during the 2nd world war.  As a hiding place for the people of that era. Push your ATV Quad bike Accelerate for 500 meters with the echoing sound of the ATV Quad Bike. But don’t forget to turn on your ATV’s lights, because this cave has no lights installed.

Kuber ATV Quad Bike Adventure Included

  • Welcome Drink On Arrival
  • Professional ATV Ride Instructor
  • 1 Hours 15 minutes until 2 hours Atv ride through Rice Paddies, River, Tunnel, Muddy and Waterfall
  • Free Wifi
  • Changing Room And Toilet Facilities
  • Shower room and towel
  • Boots, Helmet and Locker
  • Lunch
  • Full Insurance Coverage

Price of Bali ATV Tunnel and Waterfall by Kuber ATV

DescriptionOnline PriceOfficial Price
Single ATV686.000/ person
Tandem ATV900.000/ 2 person1.900.000/2 person

bali quad biking

2. Bali ATV Tunnel and Waterfall by Jambe ATV Adventure

Bali ATV Tunnel and Waterfall

Jambe ATV Adventure has a similar track and almost the same there are natural waterfalls and tunnels with a long track of 8km with an adventure duration of up to 2 hours, and satisfaction guaranteed.

Located in Batubulan village, very close if you start from Kuta, Legian or Seminya area. Enough with the time of 30 minutes to 40 minutes depending on traffic jams on the road. Jambe ATV presents a trajectory that is no less exciting than the kuber bali ATV, rural nature and the green expanse of rice fields that you will pass.

In addition, you will find river tracks, valleys, caves/tunnels and waterfalls here. All the challenges that are presented will spur your adrenaline. Conquer tracks in watershed areas then muddy and slippery terrain and valleys. Adventure trips that will not be boring with the best spots such as tunnels and waterfalls will give freshness to your adventure with us.

Bali ATV Tunnel and Waterfall by Jambe ATV Adventure Include

  • Safety equipment: helmet, boots.
  • 2 hours Atv ride through Rice Paddies, River, Tunnel, Muddy and Waterfall
  • Experienced instructor
  • Towel
  • Changing room, bathroom, toilet
  • Lunch
  • Full Insurance Coverage

Price of Bali ATV Tunnel and Waterfall by Jambe ATV Adventure

DescriptionOnline PriceOfficial Price
Single ATV550.000/ person
Tandem ATV750.000/ 2 persons1.600.000/ 2 persons

bali quad biking

Activities in Bali ATV Tunnel and Waterfall

On this adventure, you can choose an ATV Quad Bike package that can be adjusted to the courage and age of the participants. You can choose a more impressive single ATV Ride without having to think about the passengers. Then the tandem ATV is suitable for children and couples who want to be together. Below are the ATV packages that you can take;

1. Single ATV Ride

Single ATV is an ATV ride – that many adventurers like, because here you can drive an ATV without having to think about the passengers behind you. Which means you ride the ATV alone. One ATV with 1 rider, no passengers.

So this package is perfect for adventurers who want more freedom in driving your ATV while conquering all challenges including waterfalls.

2. Tandem ATV Ride

In addition to riding an ATV Bali alone, there are also two ATV rides. These are usually taken by families who bring children. Because children are only passengers who sit in the back. So they are safe during their Bali ATV adventures.

Apart from being chosen by the family, there are also those who prefer to partner up in conquering all these exciting obstacles. During the ATV Tandem, they can also swap their seat positions during the adventure. Riders become passengers or vice versa.

ATV Ubud Waterfall – Best ATV Quad Bike in Ubud Bali

How to ride ATV in Bali

Before you join this Bali ATV, you need to know the technique of riding an ATV in Bali. Because there is no reason to make your exploration more enjoyable. The following are some ATV Riding guides in Bali, let’s see below!

1. Use Safety Equipment

Before starting your ATV Bali adventure, you are required to wear safety equipment and equipment such as helmets and boots. But you don’t need to bring it from home… We have prepared all this equipment for the participants of the Bali ATV Ride adventure. And this has been included in the ATV Tour Package in Bali

This helmet is quite effective in protecting our heads from impact when we fall on the ATV. And boots will be able to protect your feet from the heat of the ATV engine.

2. Knowing the basic techniques of ATV Riding

The technique of riding an ATV Tunnel and waterfall is actually not much different from a motorcycle. The difference is only in the gas operation step and gear shift between forward and reverse.

Gas operation on the ATV is done by pressing the button on the left handlebar. And the operation of gas on a motorcycle is on the handlebars in the right hand.

Knowing a little about some of the basics of driving an ATV is important. So that this Bali Adventure ATV exploration runs smoothly. But you don’t need to be afraid, because before you are taken into the ATV adventure lane in Bali, you will be given a guide on how to ride an ATV properly.

3. Don’t lower your feet while the ATV is running

When riding a motorcycle, it is okay to lower your legs when you lose your balance. However, the path that the ATV will pass is not a highway but through the forest. But lowering your feet while riding an ATV is the most fatal thing, especially if the ATV Quad Bike you are driving is still running. Because ATV tires can pull your feet.

So what is the balance technique? To control the balance of the ATV, you can lean in the opposite direction to the tilt of the ATV. For example, if the ATV is tilted to the right then you can lean slightly to the left or vice versa.

4. Not allowed to play ATV under the effects of alcohol

If you plan to do ATV rides in Bali, you are not allowed to consume liquor or alcoholic beverages. Because, the impact of alcohol in us can make your concentration decrease while driving. Your lack of concentration will automatically make it difficult for you to control your ATV. Until, this can result in loss for yourself.

5. Have to follow Your ATV Guide Guide

Throughout this Bali ATV Tunnel and waterfall adventure, you will be accompanied by several experienced guides. For your safety, it is mandatory to always follow the directions of your ATV guide. They will always follow you throughout this ATV tour. Never try to do something reckless like driving your ATV at high speed. Get off the track, because this is really a risk for your safety.

Frequently Asked Questions

Even though Bali Quad Bike Adventure in Bali is safe and fun. But there are still many people who are hesitant to try it, especially for beginners or those who have no experience.

The ATV Quad bike seem steep and extreme like valleys and uneven dirt roads make them reluctant to imagine bad things that might happen during an adventure.

But you don’t need to worry because during the atv quad bike tour, you will be accompanied by professional and nimble ATV guides whenever there are things that are out of procedure. Make sure you follow the instructions and directions of our guides

This adventure is a little hard, because it’s the recommended age of at least five years until sixty-five years old.

The age to be able to self driving an ATV quad bike is 12 – 65 years old. If children under 12 years old can participate as passengers.

Minimun Age can join ATV Quad Bike 7 years old with tandem ride ( one bike with adult, seat in the back – be passanger )

Older than 65 years old still possible as long as they still active and have a middle until high level of physical health

Do you need a license for ATV Bali? frequently asked questions to us. The answer is that you do not need a license to ride ATV Quad Bike in Bali.

Because the atv quad bike has a special track and does not pass through public roads and general traffic. Our tracks are Jungle, valleys, villages, rice fields, rivers, villages and countryside of Bali.

How much does it cost to ride an ATV in Bali? The prices we offer online include a 50 to 54% discount from the walkin price. Prices start at 600,000 with fastility that will be obtained at a walkin price of 1,400,000.

And also the prices vary depending on the track you choose, such as Kuber ATV (atv waterfall & tunnel), Balaji ATV (atv 8km real jungle) and ATV on the Beach Bali.

Joining Bali Quad Biking for atv jungle and beach activities you will get complete facilities, from professional ATV guides, safety equipment, bath towels, showers and changing rooms, lockers, lunch and full insurance.

The Cheaper way to buy tickets for Bali Quad Bike Adventure is online. Because the price is much different than the price at the counter with the same services and activities.

Online Booking will also make it easier for you to choose the activity package you want, or choose add-ons according to your choice. This is easy because you will be able to see what packages there are and how much they cost.

We prioritize the trust of our customers and always prioritize honesty, your order will be processed safely 100% confirmed! If there are problems, you can contact customer service who is ready to serve requests or solutions 24 hours/7 days. ( +6281-236-194-398 )

Bali quad biking is an official company legality CV. Asta Sedana Bali Wisata. NIB. 0309220001892. Address : at Jl. Nuasa Utaman XIX A No. 2, Jimbaran, Kec. Kuta Sel., Badung Regency, Bali 80361

Please come to our office if there is no good solution while contacting customer service – Contact Person “Made Wira” (+62 81 217 205 656)

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