Hidden Canyon Guwang Sukawati

Here we will review about the Hidden Canyon Guwang Sukawati, because we have package for ATV quad bike tour and combined with the Hidden Canyon in Beji Guwang Village, Ubud Bali. This is a nice hidden canyon in Sukawati Bali.

In the past this place was used as a fishing spot by local people. Now, this place has become one of the exciting and challenging tourist destinations in Bali. There are several interesting things for you when visiting Hidden Canyon Ubud.

This tourist area is very popular with the beauty of the river canyon which is wrapped by rock cliffs with a height of tens of meters. So many tourists want to know and are interested in visiting it. Apart from its stunning beauty, this place is popular for its interesting trails. Even though it is short, the Hidden Canyon track which is shaped like a rock and a river channel will give you an experience during your holiday in Bali.

Because it is a place that is starting to attract foreign tourists, so I made the ATV Quad Bike with Hidden Canyon Tour package. Of course we hope to provide a different experience during your holiday in Bali.

Hidden Canyon Guwang Sukawati

The special beauty of the Hidden Canyon Sukawati is the rock cliffs with a unique basin pattern. Like most Canyons, Hidden Canyon is created from the erosion of river water in the flow of this river. The beauty of this recreation area is little known to people, so it is called the Hidden Canyon.

The panorama is very beautiful and amazing with towering cliffs up to 30 meters high. Erosion of river water has resulted in the creation of a unique basin on the cliff. The natural motifs that appear on the cliffs give the impression of a very different unique tourism.

The beauty of this Hidden Canyon is even more charming because there is a river flowing in the middle of the cliff. The river channel that is clamped by rock cliffs is quite long, approximately 700 meters. The water is clean and cool enough that you can relax your feet after a challenging journey to this Hidden location.

Location of Hidden Canyon Beji Guwang Sukawati Ubud

The location is beautiful and a challenging place in Bali. Perfect for a tourist adventurous lovers who want to spend time with different way. Tracks in this area are not that difficult for beginer.

To find the location of Hidden Canyon Ubud, you have to pass Salan Sahadewa, Banjar Wangbung, Guwang, Sukawati, Guwang, Kec. Sukawati, Gianyarl Regency, Bali. Exactly on the south side of the Guwang Sukawati market.

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