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Bali horse riding adventure | Horseback Riding Bali

Bali horse riding adventure | Horseback Riding Bali

Bali horse riding adventure is an extraordinary experience that you need to try in the area of ​​Ubud. Opportunity to explore the countryside and green scenery by sitting on the back of a horse. This is a fun adventure with experienced horse guides.

Feel the sensation of riding in the open through residential villages, fields and plantations. You can also see the activities of local people who will be there with your horse for an hour or more. Depends on the package you will take.

Is there the best time to do Bali horse riding adventure?

Morning and evening is the right time to ride, because the weather is not so hot and the horse is not too tired. So we recommend in the morning and evening. Sit on your horse’s back comfortably and don’t have to worry, because our horses are well trained. And also your riding activities will always be accompanied by experienced staff.

What needs to be prepared before Bali horse riding adventure? Because the weather is a little hot, we recommend wearing a hat and using a sunscreen. Sunscreen is needed if your skin is sensitive and you are afraid of sunburn.

How do you get competitive prices?Because horse maintenance is very expensive, the price for horse riding is relatively high, around 90 dollars per person. But you don’t worry because we provide discounts for this. Please contact us for prices.

We also provide activity packages by combining Bali quad biking and horse riding. Maybe it could be a solution for you if you are interested in the ATV Quad Bike adventure. Of course, the price is relatively cheaper if you take two activities.

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