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ATV Ubud Waterfall – Best ATV Quad Bike in Ubud Bali

ATV Ubud Waterfall – Best ATV Quad Bike in Ubud Bali

ATV Ubud Waterfall is an ATV Ride track in Ubud Bali, which is one of the current favorite adventure tours. Apart from foreign tourists, currently many domestic tourists are starting to like this exciting activity. They are curious about the ATV Ubud Waterfall that they will pass in this Bali ATV ride.

In addition to the waterfall, you will also be presented with rice fields, traditional villages, valleys. Than, you will pass through forests and plantations, then rivers, waterfalls and caves on ride ATV in Ubud Bali.

In addition with water fall atmosphere track, and other cool tracks, your adventure will be accompanied by a friendly and professional ATV guide. They will always be behind you, to make sure your ATV Ubud Waterfall adventure is safe and memorable.

Recommended ATV Ubud Waterfall

Many Ride ATV in Bali providers, especially in Ubud. They provide different trajectories. It depends on the location of the company. Is it near the main road or the village? The remote location will certainly provide a natural trajectory. Here are the best atv waterfalls in Bali, and maybe you won’t find it anywhere else. Let’s see!

ATV Ubud Waterfall – Best ATV Quad Bike in Ubud Bali

Kuber Bali Adventure

Kuber Bali ATV Adventure

One of the ATV Bali companies that has a natural waterfall path in the middle of the jungle with high cliffs wrapped in wild plants with fresh and green panoramas. This waterfall is a natural waterfall that has been around for hundreds of years with a fairly large water discharge during the rainy season and clear water during the dry season. This makes this ATV place become the best ATV Ubud waterfall in Bali.

Best ATV in Bali : Kuber Quad Bike Adventure

It has a track length of almost 7 km by combining views of vast rice fields, villages, valleys and protected forests in a remote area of Ubud. In addition, green plantations, rivers and old caves were made during the 2nd war. Very appropriate for those of you who are looking for the best Bali ATV rides with waterfall tracks in Bali.

ATV Ubud Waterfall Package

In ATV waterfall, you can choose the available packages, namely single ATV and Tandem ATV packages

1. Single ATV Package

Single ATV is an ATV ride package that many adventurers like, because here you can drive an ATV without having to think about the passengers behind you. Which means you ride the ATV alone. One ATV with 1 rider, no passengers.

So this package is perfect for adventurers who want more freedom in driving your ATV while conquering all challenges including waterfalls.

2. Tandem ATV Package

In addition to riding an ATV Bali alone, there are also two ATV rides. These are usually taken by families who bring children. Because children are only passengers who sit in the back. So they are safe during their Bali ATV adventures.

Apart from being chosen by the family, there are also those who prefer to partner up in conquering all these exciting obstacles. During the ATV Tandem, they can also swap their seat positions during the adventure. Riders become passengers or vice versa.

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What do you need to bring ?

  • Extra clothes, because on the last trip we invited you to join playing mud, it’ll make you have more fun after the jungle treck.
  • Sun Cream, the weather in Bali lately is rather hot, sun cream is the best solution for your skin
  • Extra money, Quad Bike ride is rather tiring, so we provide cold drinks at the rest point, of course you have to spend a little money on your small expenses.

Well, that’s information about ATV Ubud Waterfall, if you want to get more information about this ATV, please chat on whatsapp +6281236194398 for reservations and information. See you soon.

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