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ATV Ride Bali Seminyak

ATV Ride Bali Seminyak is one of the things to do in Seminyak Bali. Besides having a beach with clean white sand and a sunset, you can also order ATV Quad Bike Adventure from Seminyak.

Because of the location and situation as it is not possible to do an ATV Ride adventure. Seminyak is a turist village that has various five-star hotels, art shops and beach clubs. Things to do in Seminyak are just swimming, surfing, sunbathing on the beach. Then at night you can enjoy the romantic atmosphere at various becah clubs available in the Seminyak area.

But if your hotel in Seminyak, it’s possible to do an ATV Ride Tour starting from seminyak. Pick up by private car to the ATV ride location, most ATV adventures are in Ubud.

ATV Ride Bali Seminyak

Baliquadbiking.com has free pick-up in several locations that you can choose from Seminyak, Kuta, Sanur, Nusa Dua, Kerobokan, Canggu dan Ubud. Below are our ATV Ride Bali Seminyak Trek we have;

1. ATV Ride Bali with a track length of 9km. The best ATV adventure at the moment, located 25 minutes north of Ubud center. ATV Ride has a natural rural and forest atmosphere.

Across plantations, forests, valleys, bamboo forests, hills and mud puddles up to 500 meters long. If starting from seminyak approximately one hour 30 minutes to reach this location.

ATV Ride Bali Seminyak

Real Jungle Bali ATV Ride

2. Bali ATV Ride with Cave and Waterfall. ATV Ride adventure through cave and waterfall trails is very popular nowadays. This adventure is more extreme by going down the valley, passing plantations, rivers, caves, fields and waterfalls. Located in the exact area of ​​Ubud 20 minutes from the center of Ubud and 45 minutes if you start from Seminyak.

ATV Ride Bali Seminyak

Bali ATV Ride with Cave and Waterfall

3. ATV Ride on the beach. This adventure is one of the most family-friendly adventures, Riding ATV Quad Bikes in a wide range of rice fields, villages and black sand on the beach.

For ATV ride on the beach you can do in the morning ATV ride and sunset ATV ride, can be adjusted to your needs. Located in Kerambitan village about 1 hour from Seminyak depending on the traffic jam situation on the road.

Bali Quad Biking On The Beach

ATV Ride on the beach

What ATV Ride Seminyak Bali Service we have

For those of you who want to do this adventure, we have two choices for riding an ATV Quad Bike, including them

I. ATV Quad Bike Single Ride

For ATV tours with a single ride, what is meant by a single ride is a quad bike with one rider. Single ride will give you satisfaction without thinking about your passengers.

With this single ride you can feel more free in exploring according to the skills you have. But for beginners, you don’t need to worry because we will provide guidance on riding an ATV quad bike and give a test drive before going down the track.

II. Bali ATV Quad Bike Tandem Ride

Tandem Ride means one Quad Bike with one rider and one passenger (a total of 2 people in one quad bike ). This is usually done in pairs or children under 10 years who will become passengers.

With Tandem Ride you don’t need to be disappointed because in the middle of your adventure journey you can switch positions. Passengers become rider or vice versa.

What things should be bring in ATV ride ?

  • Change Clothes
  • Adequate cash
  • Sunblock
  • Please do not wear excessive jewelry to avoid losing

Bali Quad Biking is an official ATV operator company located in Bali that can guide you to the ATV Ride Bali Seminyak. Located far from the center of the crowd with the atmosphere of a natural green forest.

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After you knew the advantages of each ATV track that we have, you can determine the choice of ATV ride adventure in Bali. which one you want to take, FOR LAST MINUTE Booking, please send your request via WhatsApp/Viber: +62 81236194398

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