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ATV Ride Adventure Bali | Cheap ATV Ride in Bali

ATV Ride Adventure Bali is an outdoor adventure activity in Bali. ATV adventure by pumping your adrenaline on the ATV Quad Bike Adventure with driving a powerful semi-automatic ATV 250 cc in the middle of the most amazing Balinese country side.

The ATV Ride Adventure Bali provide the real nature track for ATV/Quad Bike. With professional team and real nature trek following, Jungle, waterfall, cave, playing in the mud, beaches trek or sunset trek on the beach.

Discover the countryside in Bali and the hidden beauty of the island of Bali in a different way. Get the excitement of driving a powerful semi-automatic ATV 250 cc in the middle of the most amazing Balinese countryside. Bali ATV adventure are daily trips, dry season or rain. Safe for beginner and professional one.

ATV Ride Adventure Bali – Single & Tandem

This Bali ATV Ride adventure offers two kinds of activities that you can take in accordance with your courage in conquering Bali’s nature. Let’s find out about the quad bike ATV tour that we offer

1. ATV Quad Bike Adventure ~ Single Ride

ATV tour with Single Ride, what is meant by Single Ride is a quad bike with one rider. Single Ride will give you satisfaction without thinking about your passengers.

With this ATV Quad Bike Single Ride you can feel more free in exploring according to the skills you have. But for beginners, you don’t need to worry because we will provide guidance on driving a quad ATV and giving a test drive before going to the track.

2. ATV Quad Bike Adventure ~ Tandem Ride

Tandem Ride means one Quad Bike with one rider and one passenger (a total of 2 people in one quad bike). This is usually done in pairs or children under 10 years who will become passengers.

With Tandem Ride you don’t need to be disappointed because in the middle of your adventure journey, you can change positions. Passengers become riders or vice versa.

Best ATV Adventure in Bali

In addition, Bali Quad Biking also has several different track sites. The place has advantages on every track. Starting from the paths of forests, rivers, valleys and mountains, waterfalls and caves. In addition we also have a beach track that you can follow on an adventure in the morning or an adventure in the afternoon for sunset. Please look at them, the advantages of each trajectory

1. Real Jungle ATV Ride Adventure – 9 km ATV track on Balaji ATV

ATV Ride Adventure Bali

Balaji Adventure Bali

located in the remote village of Payangan Ubud, about 30 minutes if you start from the Ubud city.  Balaji Adventure offer great experience into the wild nature of Bali. Take you to an amazing experience riding on all-terrain vehicles (quad bike) with 9km long and challenging track. The track passing the rice fields, jungle, rivers, Bamboo forest and traditional village.

Balaji ATV Adventure Price

Online Rate
Single RideIDR. 950.000IDR. 525.000
Tandem RideIDR. 1.550.000 IDR. 900.000

bali quad biking

II. ATV Ride Adventure Cave & Waterfall – Kuber Quad Bike Adventure

ATV Ride Adventure Bali

Kuber Bali Adventure

Located in the Ubud area with a natural passage of waterfalls and tunnels, about 20 minutes from the city of Ubud. Kuber Quad Bike Adventure provide the panorama of the countryside of Bali. Ride ATV through rice paddy, villages, plantation, jungle, river, Waterfall and Cave.

Price for Kuber Bali Adventure

RemarkPriceOnline Price
Single RideIDR. 950.000IDR. 565.000
Tandem RideIDR. 1.600.000IDR. 915.000

bali quad biking


Bali ATV RIDE ON THE BEACH is different experience for Quad Biking in Bali. We invite you ride along countless miles of remote black sand beaches. Then up through scenic world heritage listed rice fields. Jungle tracks and down through traditional local villages then back onto the beach.

What ATVs on The Beach we have ?

  1. ATV Ride on The Beach Morning Trip
  2. Sunset ATVs on The Beach

I. Morning Adventure

ATVs on the Beach Bali


Bali Quad Biking On The Beach Morning Trip starts at 9 am, this can change according to the current wave conditions. Enjoying ATV adventure on the beach in the morning is perfect for those of you who want to do other activities after doing ATV ride adventure.

How much Bali ATV on The Beach – Morning Adventure

DescriptionSingle RideTandem Ride
Single RideIDR. 950.000IDR. 575.000
Tandem RideIDR. 1.600.000IDR. 925.000

bali quad biking

II. Afternoon Adventure – Sunset Time

Sunset Quad Biking Bali - ATVs on the Beach Bali

ATV on The BEACH Sunset time

Sunset ATV Ride on The Beach starts at 16:30 pm. This adventure is amazing. Because you can combine rural paths, rice fields, beautiful beaches with panoramic sunsets. let’s run your ATV in the sunset

Witnessing spectacular and dramatic sunsets from the quad bikes offered by Bali. Sunset Quad Biking Bali – ATVs on the Beach Bali combines natural sensation and excitement from a quad biking adventure on a black sand beach.

DescriptionSingle RideTandem Ride
Single RideIDR. 950.000IDR. 750.000
Tandem RideIDR. 1.600.000IDR. 1.100.000

bali quad biking

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After you knew the advantages of each ATV track that we have, you can determine the choice of ATV ride adventure in Bali. which one you want to take, FOR LAST MINUTE Booking, please send your request via WhatsApp/Viber: +62 81236194398

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